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Windgarth in the Summer

Depending on the year, July and August are undoubtedly the best months for swimming at Windgarth, although the lake can remain comfortable for swimming well into September. Even the smallest children can have fun wading in the shallow areas off the narrow pebbled strip of beach running along the lake. These are also the best months for the Windgarth herb, flower and vegetable gardens (especially August and September, when the tomatoes and cucumbers come into their own).

Caressed by the gentle lakeside winds, the beautiful lake vistas, the sunrises and sunsets reflected in the lake and seen from the house or yard or dock are peaceful and breathtaking. And at night, if you stand at the lake's edge, the moon throws its beams in a trembling swath of light across the lake to your feet.

The downstairs kitchen has twelve windows overlooking the lake, and on a summer's night one can hear the gentle sound of the waves from the house. All the upstairs also have a lake view, save the kitchen, and if the windows are left open the sound of the waves will lull you to sleep at night.

Meals can be more formal in the upstairs living room or downstairs kitchen, or lakeside on the roomy picnic table on the back lawn, right off the charcoal grill provided by Windgarth.

There is sunbathing on the dock or on the deck by the water. Or if you prefer, you can read or talk together or gaze at the lake seated on wooden benches or chairs in the more shaded areas of the lawn overlooking the lake.

Windgarth has both a canoe and a kayak that can be used by all our guests. You can also bring a sailboat with you if you wish, for there is a public launch just down the road.

To the delight of children and adults, periodically throughout the summer and fall, neighbors on all sides of Windgarth stage impromptu firework displays, adding to the festivities of summer. Most nights however, it is quiet enough that at night you can hear people speaking from across the lake.

Windgarth guests can pick the herbs and vegetables in the gardens, to garnish or supplement your meals - or you can buy inexpensive, fresh produce from the Amish and other farms and road stands nearby. We are especially fond of the homemade Amish pies, jams and breads, not to mention the Amish peaches which last year were two dollars for a heaping quart container full. They also sell all sorts of vegetables and fruits, including delicious watermelons and a wide assortment of squash of all sorts in the early fall.

For activities one could visit the many wineries in the area, museums and art exhibits, go antique hunting, hike or bike, visit the area parks and gorges - and for the children there is the science center (called the Sciencenter) in nearby Ithaca.

And at the end of the day - a quiet walk along the lake, or toasting marshmallows, or perhaps some quiet moments standing or sitting near the waves at the lake's edge, while breathing the fresh lake air. One of our favorite pastimes is to canoe to the Point to watch the sunset over the hills, about a five minute canoe ride - and a view not easily forgotten.