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Windgarth in the Spring

Early spring begins in April at Windgarth, with the first spring flowers. Some days are already quite mild, and the nearby fields are coming alive and the trees are beginning to bud, the perennials showing signs of life and future beauty. The first spring blooms of the roses in late spring are especially special and plentiful, and the lake is beginning to host various birds. The martins arrive on April 15th every year and use the bird houses jutting out of the lake near our dock. The streams and falls nearby are usually full and joyous as the winter snows melt, and the lake shows its many colors with the light of the sun now gaining in intensity. May and June can be quite warm, yet without the intense summer heat. It's the perfect time of year to hike or take a stroll along the country roads and along the lake or in the woods, or to visit the many wineries, galleries or Amish shops and antique sales in the area. And at the end of your day you might want to have a BBQ dinner at the lake's edge.