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Windgarth in the Fall

September and October at Windgarth are especially beautiful. The heat of summer is over, but there are many weeks in September where one can still kayak or canoe or sailboat - and still swim. One can generally bike until mid-October. The tomatoes and many vegetables at Windgarth, as well as the flower gardens, continue until the first frost, which comes in late October. Fresh corn on the cob, cucumbers (10 for 50 cents), squash and other delicious fresh fruits (a quart of the best peaches we've ever tasted at $2 an overflowing quart container) & vegetables, home baked bread and pies can be bought nearby at Amish farms.

Mid-October begins the fall proper, with the leaves turning glorious colors, the air cool and brisk, the nights clear and full of stars. If you are lucky, you can see the Aurora Borealis from the end of our road, where the lake opens out into a broad horizon.

The perfect time to bike or take walks along the lake, or in the woods, and to visit the many wineries, galleries or Amish shops or antique sales in the area. And at the end of your day you might want to have a BBQ dinner at the lake's edge.